[About] Me

Johanna Violetta Quinn- One of the few people in this world who likes every name in her name, even her middle name. That’s insane.

Eighteen years old with an ass that won’t quit

I was having a great first half of 2014 studying Industrial Design, then I had a few nervy breakdowns….and now I just watch Orange is the New Black and take photos of outfits I like..

Just a normal material girl in a material world

I wish I could marry a 30 y/o + man and never have to work

But then my feminist instincts kick in, and I’m like ‘Well shit, I suppose I have to have a career and be really inspirational??’

I wouldn’t say that my introversion is a bad thing, I usually describe it as ‘constantly being in anaphylactic shock from too much universe/socialising’.

Sometimes I forget to eat lunch, but I make up for it by eating rice pudding like it’s nobody’s business.

Long distance running, singing to myself and any alcoholic beverage that costs more than $10 are the only things that can calm me down. A combination of all 3 of theses things is my idea of what enlightenment would feel like to any sort of religious/spiritual person.

I hope to go to India soon. Before then, I am on a quest to make money, find a man to travel with and hope that I don’t get sold to a slave ring before the year is out.

Peace and Love. Make sex not war. Eat drugs don’t stay in school. Etc.


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