[TV Shows You Should Binge-watch Instead of Doing Homework]

  1. Orange is The New Black
  2. House of Cards (Merely because it is so scandalous that you won’t be able to not binge-watch it)
  3. Sex and The city
  4. Gossip Girl (Even the bad seasons, they’re so bad, but so good)
  5. G I R L S
  6. The Mindy Project
  7. Suits (Only for the eye candy, dah)
  8. Broad City (Not suitable for the faint hearted//young teeny boppers)
  9. Archer +/Or Bob’s Burgers
  10. Louie (Super short episodes means that it’s hard not to binge-watch this cracker)

This is not even an exaggeration of how I spent my time in high school. I got through so many TV series’, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank my high speed internet, many illegal website nerds that upload my fave shows and to all of those who recommended any of these shows to me. And to all I am recommending to now; you’re welcome.

Side Note:

….But never Breaking Bad, you must savour that show for as long as humanly possible for if you complete all five seasons too quickly, you will feel such an overwhelming sense of emptiness that can only be healed by dozens upon dozens of donuts and you will wilt away in despair like a tiny flower blowing off into the winter’s day upon first snowfall.


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