My Insta is in need of some Insta-Love!!!


Hey y’all! (By y’all, I obviously mean ‘Hello to all 40 something followers on my WordPress??!!)

I haven’t been particularly active on my blog as of late, I’ve been busy working at my part time job and basically just trying to figure out what the fuck my life even is. Being 18 is hard, okay! Give me a chance.

So for all of those lonely periods when I’m MIA, you should check out my Instagram to get your daily fix of Jo Quinn!!! And by ‘check out’ I mean Please follow me I have no friends.

I will be trying to get my blog schedule back on track in coming weeks, so stay tuned for that. I also have twitter, which I use to vent and basically share thangs that make me mad/glad/sad etc.

My Instagram is far from your annoying ‘minimalist’-‘black on white on walnut’-chic thing, I keep shit real and I keep it colourful. This is real life, People!! I don’t expect any human being to have a beautifully polished life all of the time. Come on now.

If you follow me, I’d love to check out your Instagram profiles also and see some of the cool things you guys create/see/do and what not!!

Peace out holmies!! XX

Wait, did I tell you to follow me on Instagram? I don’t think that I got that message across clearly enough for you?!?!?

Follow me HERE

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 1.47.17 AM


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