Summer Trend//[Like]: Cropped Pants

Cropped Pants

I am in love with the idea of wearing flowy, cropped pants. It’s practically like wearing pyjamas, only in an extremely chic and socially acceptable way. The above image is from asos, and I just want every item in the image. Here are some other inspirational outfits/items with that cropped feel!!

A more autumnal look from Haider Ackermann

If you’re someone who is more into the ‘medium fashion’ trend or ‘norm core’, if you will, then perhaps this next look is more up your alley.

(Image: The Sartorialist)

I personally loathe this entire combination, but it just goes to show the level of versatility with this cropped pant/ culotte trend!

The Sartorialist

Harper & Harley


Me rocking the cropped pant in Dec 2013 in Hiroshima. I was totally all over the trend before it was even a trend, guys. Ignore my tired face, I get so tired when I travel.

Tell me your thoughts on this trend, whether you love it or hate it!?!?

Check out my other posts that are related to this trend on ‘Normcore‘ and also on ‘Androgynous Style’. 


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